Your Questions About Selling a Home As-Is, Answered

There are a lot of questions that may come to mind when you’re considering selling a house as-is. Selling a house as-is can actually be one of the ways to sell a house quickly, but this option is often overlooked. This is because there is something of a perceived monopoly within the real estate industry — and there’s a pervasive idea that says if you’re selling a home, you must be selling it the traditional way. But in reality, there are lots of different options to consider if you want to sell your house fast.

Selling a house as-is actually simplifies the home-selling process, rather than complicating it further. But before selling a house as-is for the first time, there are a few basic questions that you may want to have answered.

What Does it Really Mean to Sell a House As-Is?

When selling a house as-is, you’re literally selling it without any repairs or modifications. Once the house is being listed as-is, there will be no further renovations made — nor will the buyer ask for the price to be negotiated to accommodate those repairs. The as-is market accommodates houses in any condition, which means that your house could be in great shape or could be on the verge of collapse. Either way, there will likely be a buyer for it, as those who buy houses as-is typically know what they might be getting into and have the resources needed to ensure both the property and the structural integrity of the home can either be maintained or improved.

Does Selling My House As-Is Affect My Profit?

A lot of different factors affect how much you may profit from the sale of your home. One thing to keep in mind is that when selling a house as-is, you’re more likely to sell a house quickly. That means that you’ll get your money faster and spend less on advertising it. But the amount that you’ll receive for the home will depend on a few factors, like its condition, its location, its features, and much more. Often, selling a house as-is means that you may get a bit less outright than you would for a home that was recently renovated. However, in the grand scheme of things, you may be making significantly more money, as you would have had to invest in those renovations and take that investment out of your profit. Therefore, selling your house as-is could drive the profit up.

Should I Use a Real Estate Agent When Selling My House As-Is?

There are a lot of different ways that you can maximize your profit when selling your house as-is. One of the best ways is to simply skip the real estate agent. Real estate agents often perceive houses that are sold as-is as lower priorities. This is because the houses may be listed for less than recently renovated homes. Therefore, the real estate agents may have less of a drive to sell your home, which can be an impediment if you wish to sell a house quickly. Furthermore, real estate agents take a commission when they sell homes, further cutting into your profit. Therefore, you should avoid working with a real estate agent when selling your home as-is.

How Can I Find a Buyer For My Home?

A lot of homes that are sold as-is are sold directly to companies, which offer cash for homes and then turn those homes around to make a profit. In this sense, it’s often a much easier process for sellers than it would be when working with individual home buyers. You can simply offer your home to these companies, have it appraised, receive an offer, and choose a closing date. There is less to be concerned about regarding the offer falling through, and it’s a great way to sell a house quickly with as little fuss as possible.

Although the home selling process can be stressful, it doesn’t have to be. Selling a home as-is allows you to cut out the process of repairs and advertising. You can simply sell your home to a company, collect your profit, and move on.