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Have Long Term Tenants Left Your House With Costly Renovations?

Do you own a rental property and are looking to sell in the near future? Have you had several years of the same tenant wreaking havoc on your house with the wear and tear that a property owner just wouldn’t do? What do you do when you show up for the post-move out walk through, only to find scratched floors, dinged walls and appliances that are beyond worn?

Many property owners who have taken advantage of the benefit of tenant-paid mortgage want to cash in on their long-term investment; or alleviate themselves from the maintenance burden involved in being a landlord. The cost of putting a house on the market can dramatically cut into the investment that homeowners have worked hard over the years to keep afloat. Advertising, home inspections and agent commissions add up quickly.

Cosmetic issues – while oftentimes costly to fix – can at least be fairly easy to spot. Serious, long-term structural damage typically isn’t uncovered until a home inspection takes place. Oftentimes sellers are scrambling to come up with the cash to cover repairs before a real estate deal goes to closing.

Why not sell to a cash buyer?

Fixing up a house that has suffered years of wear and tear from long term tenants is most definitely a costly endeavor. Getting your house ready to hit the local papers and real estate market might not be worth the energy if the cash offer is right. Cash offers allow a quick, easy way out of your real estate investment, leaving homeowners with cash in hand.

An offer from a cash buyer can take all the unexpected headaches and stress off the table. Accepting a cash offer eliminates many struggles sellers face when trying to sell a house with too many repairs that have been caused from years of inability to oversee the daily wear and tear on the house from long term tenants.

Cash buyers also offer a much quicker close; due to their ability to skip the mortgage process completely. By avoiding banks, selling to a cash buyer means closing and receiving payment within a week – as opposed to the typical 30 days. The idea of accepting an offer from a cash buyer that was once unheard of is quickly catching on as the market is rich with investors with cash in hand, just waiting to take these worn properties off the shoulders of diligent homeowners who thought they were protecting their investment by renting out their property.

Cash buyers also come pre-approved, streamlining the process and getting sellers to the settlement table quickly and with minimal stress and headache.

Cash buyers come equipped to buy your property in as-is condition. If careless renters have spent years wearing down the features of your home, it makes sense to let someone else do the repair work while you walk home free with cash for your house.



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