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Are You Relocating and Unsure What to do With Your House?

Getting a job offer or a military transfer to a new geographical area can be an exciting event in life. That said, moving can be highly stressful – from packing to purging to relocating potentially long distances – it can definitely exhaust even the most energetic and motivated individuals/families.

An added factor when dealing with relocation is what to do with the house you have. An obvious option would be to sell the house before you move. Selling the house would free you from the financial and physical ties of owning a house and managing a property from a distant location. You could get a real estate agent to list your house, which could take time that you might not have if the move is coming up quickly.

Many also consider a For Sale by Owner transaction, hoping to skip the real estate commissions and put more cash in their pockets quickly before moving to a new location. This can take more time than many homeowners realize; advertising, showing the house and fixing up any maintenance issues the house may need can be costly and time consuming. At the end of the day, you may end up with even less money than if you had listed with an agent in the first place.

Some homeowners who are relocating decide to keep the house and rent it out. Being a landlord isn’t easy and many quickly learn the cost involved in hiring a property manager for rental and upkeep of the property; or the time consuming cost of calling around to schedule repairs every time the tenant has an issue that needs to be addressed. If you decide to manage your own property, you need to be prepared for a potential middle-of-the-night emergency phone call, requiring immediate attention to a house that may not be anywhere near where you’re living at the time of your relocation. Keeping your house as a rental may have long-term financial benefits, but it’s certainly exhausting in the process.

Consider a Cash Buyer

An option to consider when you need to sell fast in order to move is finding a cash buyer for your house. An offer from a cash buyer can take all the unexpected headaches and time consuming stress off the table. Accepting a cash offer eliminates many struggles sellers face when trying to sell a house quickly that might require expensive repairs and maintenance to be market ready.

Cash buyers come pre-approved and offer speedy trip to the settlement table, due to their ability to bypass the banking process completely. With a cash buyer, you can oftentimes expect to close within a week or 2, rather than the standard 30 days needed for the financing process. Cash buyers come equipped to buy your property in as-is condition. If you’ve yet to spend the money to update and renovate your home to get it showroom ready, it makes sense to let someone else do the repair work while you walk home free with cash for your house.



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