Financial Problems

Austin House Buyer

Do You Face Financial Problems and Need to Sell Your House Fast?

Many homeowners experience financial hardship due to unexpected job and life changes. Maybe as a homeowner, you’re sitting on solid equity, but need to sell your home quickly to uncover the cash. Maybe you face foreclosure – when you don’t have the monthly cash flow to pay your mortgage and the risk of losing your house to the bank is imminent.

You may own a property that is worth more than the amount left on the loan, but you’re still struggling to come up with the mortgage payments. You might not have time to find a good real estate agent, fix up your house to hit the market and spend weekends holding open houses while you wait for offers to come through. Maybe the house has tens of thousands of dollars of necessary repairs and you’re unable to come up with the cash to pay for them. There are also real estate agent fees to consider – which can add up quickly depending on the value of your home.

A cash buyer may be the option for you

An offer from a cash buyer can take all the unexpected headaches and stress off the table. Accepting a cash offer eliminates many struggles sellers face when trying to sell a house with too many repairs that have been caused from years of cosmetic and structural wear and tear on your house.

Cash buyers also offer struggling homeowners potentially facing foreclosure a much quicker close; due to their ability to skip the mortgage process completely. By avoiding banks, selling to a cash buyer means closing and receiving payment within a week – as opposed to the typical 30 days. The idea of accepting an offer from a cash buyer that was once unheard of is quickly catching on as the market is rich with investors with cash in hand, just waiting to take these worn properties off the shoulders of diligent homeowners who need to sell quickly to come up with the cash to cover unexpected life expenses or avoid foreclosure.

Cash buyers also come pre-approved, streamlining the process and getting sellers to the settlement table quickly and with minimal stress and headache. Cash buyers come equipped to buy your property in as-is condition. If you don’t have the money you need to update and renovate your home to get it showroom ready, it makes sense to let someone else do the repair work while you walk home free with cash for your house.



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